Roast Coffee Photos

Here are the photo of the coffee roasting thermometer.

The Rosetta Stone list relates the reading of my thermometer to the roast states.



The Troutdoc Channel on You Tube Host two videos on coffee roasting.

Check them Out!




4 thoughts on “Roast Coffee Photos

  1. I read the article in I need coffee. Very detailed and informative. I have one of thise poppers but not very sucessful in roasting. My fan is very week even at full speed. so even at 100 gms it doesnt agitate enough initially so i get burnt beans. Thanks

  2. If the fan stream is blocked lkthis could happen. It seems to me the fan should be O.K. or not work at all. The solution is to find a popper that works or use the handle of a wooden spoon to augment the bean agitation.

  3. I have a Popaire 2 that I am using to roast coffee at home. Your coffee roasting chart has been very helpful. Thanks for posting it. I do have a question: What do the thermostat and fuse look like? I would like to modify the machine as it almost reaches the time and temps you posted but not always. As a result, the machine turns off and it takes a while for it to cool off before resuming roasting. I have looked not the internet but haven’t found any schematics or specs for modifying it. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I just found a PopCornNow Plus. Tried it once and it is messy. I guess I will have to practice with it.


    Kevin Andrews

  4. There are several good videos oh YouTube to fix the popper thermostat. the “I need coffee” website host my article on modification and the YouTube “thetroutdoc” has my video on modification under ” a fireside chat” SH

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