3 thoughts on “KPT List

  1. Thanks for the info. This is much needed.

    I have the KPT filters installed but they are not showing up in the effects list. I currently have X3and X5 installed.

    Happy Fishing.


  2. Shez

    I had the same problem…filter file is in the wrong place. You need to locate the file and transfer it to the proper file place. Suggest you uninstall the filters and reinstall the filter and watch where they are installed. If that does not work look on the Corel website for support….Good luck Sam Hampton

  3. Shez..The KPT file should be in a folder “plugins”. on my system (vista) it is under computer, programs (86), Corel, Paintshop x4,Languages, EN,plugins

    Hope this helps. The Troutdoc

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