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  1. Good morning,

    In your Corel KPT Tutorial 1 found on YouTube, you show a spreadsheet list of all effects. On your website, when I click on Corel KPT PDF file, it gives me the text you narrate in the tutorial. Is it possible to see or download that list.

    Thank you on advance.

    Editor Comment: Please note there are two files on the same page…one the tutorial and another the pdf file list of filters. The filter list is down below the tutorial file. Click on it and then click again to bring up the pdf file list of filters. One is call the “tutorial” the one below is called “KPT List”. Click on this file then click again on the next page and the PDF file will load onto the screen.

    The PDF file will give you the ability to save a copy to your computer or print out a hard copy of the file.

  2. Betty
    On the main page under Recent Post click on “Corel KPT PDF file”

    two PDF files will be listed on the new page info (they are slightly grayed out…..”Corel KPT Tutorial” and below it “KPT List”

    Click on either one…..Then Click AGAIN on your selection and the PDF flie will come up…put cursor to the bottom of the list or page and select the “save” icon and you will be able to save the file to your hard disk.

    If you still have problems I can send you a copy by e=mail…Thanks for viewing our web site….Sam Hampton…the troutdoc.

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