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Hello. I’m Sammy Hampton. This is a new trout fishing web site.  You will soon be able to download “The Art of Catching Stocker Trout”,  a new video book on trout fishing. This video book is about fishing for trout in flowing waters using a floating  strike indicator. The instructional video shows a  fisherman how to “balance a dead drift rig” so that more strikes can be detected.  Fishermen using this method can catch more fish. If you are now creeling 20 fish a day, you can go into the 50 or even 100 fish a day level using the balance dead drift rig. I have used and taught this method of fishing for the past 15 years, and it really works. I hope you will join me in helping you catch more trout.

If you would like further information contact me at:     sammy@troutdoc.com




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