Corel KPT PDF file

The link below is a PDF for the Corel KPT Collection you may use it for your own personal use. Sam Hampton

There are four videos on the KPT filters and their use on my You Tube Channel.

Here is the first video:

Click on the link below for PDF Narrative and PDF of Corel KPT collection List.

Then click again

Click on the link below for the written tutorial

Corel KPT Tutorial

Click on the link below for the KPT list of filters.

KPT List

Pie Crust PDF

Here is the Pie Crust recipe Page.

You may save the PDF file to your computer for your personal use.

Enjoy Chef Sam.

Box ONE: Sulton and Friburgs recipes for Pie Crust in large quantities.

Box TWO: Recipes reduced to one crust size

Box THREE: Chef Sam’s 4X1D3 recipes for pie crust from 6 to 11 TBSP of shortening.


1.  Click on “Pie Recipes”  link below

2. Then Click Again on “Pie Recipes” to open PDF

Pie Recipes

TheTroutdoc host (on You Tube Troutdoc channel) a pie making video: