Fishing Pictures

Report from David Hampton…Weekend of July 19, 2010…Roaring River Mo.

Just got back from Roaring River today we brought back 21 fish,and ate several there. Now the best part… Sunday morning I saw a large rainbow and after casting over it for about 20-30 min. A 8-3/8 pound, 21inch brown trout about tore the rod out of my hands! Thank goodness a lady was by me with a net!

After I took the brown in to be weighed, I took my son Case, and his friend to try to catch the big rainbow. The threw over it for 2 hours. Case got bored, and wanted to try elsewhere ,so I told him to give me my pole back and I’ll give it a try. So his friend and I threw at it some more. After 20 min. It hit a wooley booger on a gold spinner. After another 20 min. fight it wore down enough the boys were able to help me roll it up on the bank. So, back to the lodge for another weigh-in. 10-1/4 pounds 26-1/2 inches. The park manager even came up and took my picture with b oth of them! Life is good.

David Hampton Rainbow Trout

David Hampton Brown & Rainbow

When I was 13 years old I spent the summer in Pensacola, Fl. Saturday was the day to fish and we caught blue fish in Pensacola Bay. In the past weeks I received two pictures that speak of the great fishing down in the Gulf. If only I had enough backing on my fly reel to take on one of these fish….I just can hardly wait to make the trip south again.  The picture below shows the fishing on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska which I plan to fish the latter part of August 2010. Sam Hampton.

Chip Hampton with his 40# Red fish caught in early June of 2010

Billy West with a 90# Wahoo caught in early June of 2010

AJ Reed caught this Alaska King Salmon on a secret river with his secret native guide.

This is my childhood friend Snarley Fox fishing for trout in Brushy Creek near Jay, OK